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These are all the fonts you should have
Truetype Fonts - Bonus Specimens from the "executive one" Microgetics Publisher Selected Series Set.

Give your documents the energy they need to convey the message intended. Energize them with the Microgetics "Executive One" Font Set and your documents will come alive.

The set contains 140 publisher selected TrueType毎ts.

Use the set for Announcements, Bill Stuffers, Books, Briefs, Brochures, Business Plans, Catalogs, Company Publications, Correspondence, Data Sheets, Direct Mail Pieces, Directories, Faxes, Forms, Graphs, Internal Communiques, Headline & Display Applications, Invitations & Awards, Labels, Letters, Magazines, Manuals, Memoranda, Multimedia, News Letters, Operating Schedules, Presentation Materials, Press Releases, Price Lists, Sales Literature, Specification Sheets, Spread Sheets, Tables & Charts
Global shareware 4 Gold Disk Awarded
Award Winning Product

Excellence in Design
All fonts are hand tuned for excellence.

Publisher Selected
The top fonts used by successful big businesses.

Look and Feel
Gives small business the big business look and feel.

Affordable Price
Everyone should have these fonts.

The executive decision.

Samples are listed below.

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normal, medium

MC Alexandrite
normal, italic, bold, bold italic, condensed, condensed italic, heavy, heavy italic, roman

MC Aspen

normal, italic, bold, bold italic

MC Belkin
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MC Blockhead
normal, outline

MC Bernie Quick
condensed, light, medium, bold

MC Candom
normal, italic, bold, bold italic

MC Capric

MC Cornell

MC Covenant
normal, italic, light, light italic

MC Davos
normal, italic, bold, bold italic, condensed, condensed italic, bold condensed, bold condensed italic, black condensed, black condensed italic, extra black, thin condensed, thin condensed italic, light extended, extended, extended italic, medium extended

MC Diploma

MC Duke
light, light italic, normal, italic, bold, bold italic, extra bold, extra bold italic

MC Etolie

MC Falcon
normal, bold, Heights

MC Fine Line

MC Hammer
extra light, light, regular, bold, black

MC Jade
normal, medium, bold

MC Java
normal, italic, bold, bold italic, light, condensed, bold condensed, extra bold, ultra bold, ultra bold condensed

MC Marker
normal, bold, condensed, extra bold, extra bold condensed, heavy, outline, outline extra bold

MC McGuffy Modern
normal, italic, bold, bold italic

MC News
normal, italic, bold, bold italic, condensed, condensed italic, bold condensed, bold condensed italic, light, light italic, medium, medium italic,medium condensed, medium condensed italic

MC Peridot
normal, 3D

MC Plain

MC Price Tag

MC Primary
normal, italic

MC Propriis
normal, italic, bold, bold italic

MC Reporter Bold
Bold, Bold Shatter, Outdoor

MC Scrivener

MC Thinnamon

MC Tourmaline
normal, italic, bold, bold italic

MC Wright
normal, italic, quick

MC Zircon
condensed, condensed italic, demi, demi italic, bold, bold italic

Dingbats & Pictures - View Specimens

MC Doodads
MC Finesse
MC Fruit Basket
MC Gadget
MC Ivy
MC Unisyms
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